The Rothschilds: The Family that rules the world

I have always read with great interest books, files, websites, on so-called conspiracy theories according to which behind the political and economic events there are powerful Masonic laws, and so far nothing strange: in fact, it cannot be denied that most of these Secret societies, from their origins, were composed of influential personalities from political, public and military life. The thing that aroused my curiosity is that every news, every article, every documentary, always contained a certain name: a common and precise denominator always placed at the top of everything. So this name or rather this surname started whipping in my brain; this surname and that of Rothshild, so I decided to investigate a little, but it was not so simple, because it seems that the less we talk about them, the better. This family, because it is a family, belongs according to many to the elite organization called “Illuminati of Bavaria” which would dominate the entire world banking system. This group of puppeteers moves the ranks of finance of the economy and world politics with all that it follows. If it is true that this group of puppeteers pulls the ranks of finance and world economy politics, why then does their name never appear anywhere? Have you ever read in the newspapers or heard on Rothshild’s television and their vicissitudes? They would be behind the scenes of all major business and nobody talks about it; this frankly sounds a little strange, who is right? The authors of several books that point the finger at an occult system in which the Rothshild family with different roles of primary importance is able to control the whole system? Or instead who on the contrary claims that these hypotheses are the result of sick minds in the grip of hallucinations and delusions of persecution? Some economists, to make it clear how much money the Rothshilds have, said they took the top eight richest men in the world so I hurt Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos (the owner of Amazon) Mark Zuckeberg of Facebook etc. and to multiply their assets by eight; well, the amount that is reached is close to the Rothshild heritage. But how does this power come about? The Rothshild empire had its genesis many years ago, more precisely in 1760 when, a court Jew named Mayer Amschel Rothshild, founded a bank in his home country: Germany, from there it has been a continuous growth in exponentially. There are two films that have their surname in the title but are nowhere to be found and advertise the ancestors of the family are also guardians of the Vatican, that is the most important position assigned by this state since they have controlled the Vatican treasure since 1823, a treasure that is immense . The most expensive wine in the world, Chateau Lafite, bears the name of the Rothshilds like other fine wines. Do you think that in the 20s and 30s the labels of Chateau Mouton were designed by artists such as Mirò, Dalì, Chagall and Picasso. Among the various investments made by the family there is the financing for the construction of the Suez Canal by the British; do you think it took them just an hour to collect the amount requested by the British, and this makes you understand many things … .. And how are they doing today? Maybe the family has retired to private life and is enjoying a well-deserved rest? Wrong, certainly life has always remained very private, and in fact I still cannot explain how the press, increasingly full of gossip and gossip and less of useful information, does not care about the life of these fascinating characters at the edge of the mystery. Limits are able to find a TV star who is tanning you naked in remote places and nobody does a report on the members of the most powerful family on the planet, isn’t it a bit strange? Returning to the previous speech, the Rothshild family has not lost prestige and power, if anything, with the passing of the years the consolidated further, incredible but true years pass and their systems adapt. To anyone wishing to learn more, I recommend going to the official website of the family and printing the complete list of their companies, but stock up on sheets of paper because there will be a need … The family, this is the name with which they call their members, is in fact present in the most important companies in the world are in fact the owners of British American Tobacco the third largest cigarette manufacturing company in the world, they founded the Esselunga supermarket through one of their men by the name Rockefeller (yes he is the famous American billionaire), they control the famous Yahoo search engine through Barclays always owned by them, among the leaders of Facebook there is their man who bears their name: Jeffrey Rothshild . These are undoubtedly bankers since they are the largest owners of the Bank of Italy, and to give just a few examples they own in addition to Barclays, as already mentioned, J.P. Morgan all controlled through trusted men. They have the main televisions and telecommunications all over the world, including Italy: in Italy there is something for everyone, they are present in Tiscali, Seat Pagine Gialle, Eni, Rai, Banca di Roma, Banco di Napoli, Bnl, Banca Intesa, Monte dei Paschi di Siena, Finmeccanica, is that enough? I really think so…. Believe me about what they own I could go on for hours in the true sense of the word, but I believe that these few listed are more than enough and this speech can be made for any nation. The owners of Telecom Italia, Heineken, Shell, Repsol, Coca-Cola, New York Times, British Telecom, bank governors and much more are on the board of directors of their namesake bank called Rothshild. In one of their villas in Frankfurt in the sumptuous Delan hall, every morning and afternoon the representatives of the five Bullion houses of the City gather to decide the price of gold. In fact, they own the Federal Reserve through JP Morgan or the largest gold reserve in the planet. In 1985 the famous writer Mullins declared “They own the television networks” the Rothschilds are in control of all three of the great US networks which are: NBC, CBS, ABC. Think there are only five states in the world without a central bank, that is the safe of an entire nation, controlled by Rothschild these are: Sudan, Cuba, North Korea, Iran and Libya. All other national central banks are owned by them…. I start to conclude in the hope that this small and incomplete illustration may at least have given rise to some more doubts or curiosities about this incredible and decidedly atypical family, I cannot confirm but even deny the heavy and disturbing statements that various authors publish on the Rothschilds, I keep but to underline that the most incredible thing how the general media avoid dealing with tele arguments…. Has the economic crisis that has affected everyone in recent years been designed at a table as many say? Are there puppeteers who control the ends of the world? It is probably impossible to answer these questions for sure there is something strange and it is undeniable but it is very likely that we will not find out but; what is certain is that disturbing and thinking that puts our life flows unaware of everything there is someone behind us who decides our future maybe even in this moment….