Annabelle: the demonic doll

Considered by critics as the best horror film of 2013, The Conjuring was a box office in both the United States and Europe. The film is about a family persecuted by a demonic spirit, and is based on the facts that really happened to the Perron family, who were supported by the famous demonology Ed and Lorraine Warren.

The doll named Annabelle who appears in the film, however, has never been involved in the history of the Perron family, but has been the protagonist of another case much more terrible than that of the film.
Here is the true story of the Annabelle doll.
In 1970, when a woman bought an old rag doll in a specialized toy shop, she was the gift for her daughter’s twentieth birthday.
This girl’s name is Donna and she was a young nursing student; her life and that of the people around her was about to change forever, but she was still unaware of everything.
Happy with the gift received from her mother Donna leaves the doll on the bed in the room she shared with Angy, a woman of her university age.
A few days later strange things begin to happen: the doll that Donna always placed on the bed or on a chair in a horizontal position, mysteriously changed position when she returned home.
Later the doll began to appear in other places very far from where it was placed; once it was found in the dining room, another collapsed near the front door and most of the time it was found in bizarre positions: for example sitting with legs crossed. Donna even told of having seen her in a vertical position leaning against the wall.
So it almost seemed that the doll in the absence of Donna moved by itself. This is only the beginning of a long nightmare; in fact, to make matters worse were some sheets found in the house, or rather the parchments, written with a particular style as if a child had written it, but the most disturbing thing were the messages written inside: they reported the following inscriptions “Lou helps Lou “. This fact was nothing short of shocking for Donna, since Lou was the name of her boyfriend.
Donna and Angy were increasingly frightened by the presence of the doll, they felt a particular sensation during the days they were at home, as if the doll were looking at them.
But the straw that broke the vase was what they saw one morning: that is, when they found the doll on the floor covered with blood on their hands and clothes.
At that point they called a mediium to be helped, and during a seance the medium said that the doll was possessed by a spirit; in particular by a 7-year-old girl named Annabelle Higgins, who had tragically died many years earlier in the same place where your girls lived.
The spirit communicated with them through the medium revealing another disturbing thing: Annabelle said she felt at peace living with Angy and Donna and wanted to live with them in the house.
The two girls were moved and shocked by the story of the dead girl decided to keep the doll with them, a decision that will prove to be a big mistake: in fact the doll Annabelle did not host a child, but the truth was that inside it was hidden a well more disturbing.
Donna’s fiancé was the first to suffer the consequences of this decision on his skin, the young man wanted to get rid of the doll right away because he felt something evil in it and was soon targeted by the toy. He also began to have horrible nightmares and the main protagonist was Annabelle.
During a bad dream he looked at the foot of his bed and saw the terrifying figure of the rag doll, the boy got up from the bed in terror, but the doll was gone.
So he had enough and decided to go to Donna’s house with the intent to destroy the toy.
On his arrival he told what had happened to Donna and suddenly heard noises from the girl’s bedroom, noises that were getting louder and louder: it was a sound of many voices, as if there were so many people talking all together . When they entered the room I did not see anyone, there was only Annabelle sitting in a corner.
Just then, Lou felt a sharp pain in his chest, very intense, like a burn, and when he opened his shirt he saw 7 different cuts across his chest as if he had made an animal with its claws.
At that point they were sure that the spirit inside the doll was hostile and evil so sleeping his friends contacted some ecclesiastical authorities, and through them they were put in contact with Ed and Lorraine Warren, a pair of paranormal investigators with a long experience of ‘occult.
They were even considered to be true legends in this field.
After the first analysis, the couple immediately came to the most gruesome conclusion: that the spirit inside the rag doll was not that of an innocent girl but it was an evil and not human presence, that with the deception wanted to possess the soul of Woman.
The warren for metrics save the three young men decided to take Annabelle away because it destroys the doll would not work, because the spirit would certainly find another object in which to reside and continue to torment Donna, Angy and Lou.
Obviously the doll resisted and during the journey the car had faults: first the engine then the steering and finally the brakes. These problems will occur only when the Warren sprayed the water on the toy.
Once in the house the doll did not stop to become the protagonist of bizarre facts: in fact, the doll also gave problems to Warren: the couple said they saw her leaven at least on a couple of occasions and appear in different rooms of the house.
The Warren believed that the doll was possessed by a powerful demonic entity called Jason Bradford, a priest expert in exorcism.
The latter, after seeing Annabelle exclaimed: “It’s just a rag doll can not hurt anyone” and went away, but soon had to change his mind because during the trip his car peresentò malfunzionamenti brakes and ended off-road ; the priest was saved only by miracle.
The Warren family, who founded the New England psychic research company in 1952, had a glass case built to block Annabelle to limit her powers in this way.
Over the years, Annabelle has become one of the main attractions of the famous Connecticut occult museum where it remains today, along with other cursed or demon-possessed objects.
Many think that the entity has left, others believe it is still there, waiting for the day when it can be free again.
The latest news we have about this doll dates back to a few years ago when a teenager, who was visiting the museum with his girlfriend, scoffed at the whole place and started hitting the glass case in which he was the doll how to challenge her.
Ed Warren clearly chased him away and saw the couple moving away, but suddenly the boy lost control of the vehicle and clashed against a tree, losing his life instantly, while the girl spent several months in the hospital.