Covid 19 - global control technical tests

Let’s make a small summary of this coronavirus affair…. This virus, which nobody really knows how it got to man, or perhaps they simply say they don’t know it, arrived from China, has finally given the opportunity to test global control. But how did governments behave? In Italy, to defeat viruses, they have locked millions of citizens in their homes, preventing them from going to work and thus depriving them of their income. Burioni even asked the government to issue a decree to impose its preventive screening regarding every article on the matter so as to be able to check the information. The government then sets up a fake news task force so that it can filter everything. The ministry of the interior authorizes the use of helicopters and drones to control our movements, they are also preparing an app to be installed on our phones to be able to monitor us obviously they will say that it is not mandatory, but surely those who will not use it will be limited in their movements ; this app will be able to control and track our movements and perhaps without that we also know our phone calls our messages our emails to and all our communications. In the meantime, in Emilia-Romagna, to be precise in Piacenza, the NAS seize a private, legitimate and certified laboratory, the only fault of which was to perform paid logical serum tests on COVID-19; the seizure was motivated by stating that this activity is the exclusive responsibility of the state and will be carried out when the state is ready. In Germany, Beate Bahner, a lawyer specializing in healthcare law who allowed herself to express a negative opinion against the quarantine from COVID-19 was interned force in a psychiatric hospital. We cannot go cycling alone without being fined on the other hand. NGO ships so dear to Soros and the NWO can carry all pseudo-migrants in beard at the risk of bringing diseases from the African coast to land in our country. As usual, mine are only personal reflections….