The "Friendship" Case

In the spring of the year 1956 during an excursion to the Pia Fortress a fortress overlooking Ascoli Piceno, three men Bruno Sammaciccia his friends Giulio and Giancarlo are approached by two to be in all respects equal to being human, with the exception of the height: one about 2 meters high and the other 3. Talking to them I learn about their extraterrestrial origin and that is only the first of many other meetings, in which more and more people participate. Word of mouth arouses the curiosity of many other friends, who begin to participate regularly in these meetings. Among these participants are professors, engineers, journalists, clerks, workers: ordinary people who would never have thought of inventing such a story and who for this reason saw themselves credited at the beginning. After a certain period the group gives these beings the name of v56, even if their real name seems to be Acri: that is, the sages. The story remains a secret until, in 2007, Bruno Sammaciccia, before dying, asks his friend Stefano Breccia to report the fact in writing. Hence the book “Mass Contact” that following the publication triggers a huge controversy. Apart from the absurdity of the story itself, what was most criticized was the absence of evidence, and subsequently the reliability of the protagonists. Everything seemed like a colossal scam, even if it was not clear why the story was organized, or what its purpose was as not even the most prominent protagonists of the story had become rich or famous, but they defended the story and presented it as a reality. Among them was Gaspare Dalama one of the friends who had witnessed the events firsthand and who after a few years after the book was published granted an interview where he told his version. According to his version, there were no leaders in the group, but Bruno was the main reference point for aliens. In addition, the man also had a nucleus implanted behind the ear that allowed him to communicate telepathically with extraterrestrials. One of the first absurdities that was used by detractors to throw mud on the story was the fact that aliens asked people for food and barrels of water. The group left these things in trucks parked at a certain point on the road and while the drivers were distracted they dematerialized their contents in an instant, as if they were masters of a technology similar to teleportation. Gaspare himself remained skeptical of these situations and on many occasions he thought that everything was a staging, but when he thought so, however, he received messages from a radio that he always carried with him, which occasionally transmitted the voices of some extraterrestrials with whom he was in contact with, inviting him to change his way of thinking; it was as if the aliens had the opportunity to read Gaspare’s mind and knew exactly when he was expressing doubts about what he was experiencing. In addition, to give him further proof of their existence and superiority, the V56s accepted to demonstrate their spaceships: aircraft that were later described as real flying laboratories. The v56 would not have been the only alien race existing on planet Earth: more than 200 extraterrestrials organized in a confederation would have been present in the Italian bases alone. The Italian base would have been only one of many: there would also have been in Argentina, France, England…. The most important question at this point is: what were the aliens doing here on Earth and what did they want from their human friends? And again: how long had they been here? The answer to these questions was well known to the protagonists of the story even if being able to make it believe to those who had not witnessed the facts in first person was somewhat difficult, but despite this, dozens of healthy people of mind and average culture, if not high, they were eyewitnesses and swore that the events they witnessed were completely real. The Earth is one of the planets that aliens call “mother planet” because it is one of the 50 planets in our galaxy that give life, that is, give man. The v56 claimed that 6 different civilizations had followed one another on Earth, which destroyed themselves through wars or other ecological disasters. The last of these civilizations knew about space flight and a small part managed to save themselves by traveling to another planet. Their evolution has continued over the following millennia, they have grown above all in height and subsequently managed to enter the galactic confederation. The v56 would therefore have been both extraterrestrial and ex terrestrial. The reason why they would have installed in underground bases in Italy and in other countries would have been the search for what was called “uredda”. To explain it, during the interview, Gaspare said: “It was literally the real purpose of their experiment with us. I define it in this way, even if it is not the right word, the uredda is the energy of love. The v56 know a dozen energies that we don’t know, and that they use for their means. Love is energy, hate energy and so are we. We look like matter, but matter is energy, everything is energy. Uredda is the energy that comes from love, and they were used to feed their instruments, to recreate the air in the bases, to make their vehicles fly. As long as we produced it loving each other, being friends, respecting each other and being united between us and towards them as long as we fed this energy, things went on. But over the years, the ego of each of us has returned to the surface and we have started to suffer from mutual jealousies, envy, which then even turned into hatred. Then something broke. The Uredda started to wane and the V56s did not have to go because the instruments and the air itself in the bases were no longer powered “In the absence of this energy the aliens would have left their bases, and would have returned to their respective planets. It was 1978 a year where there was an incredible number of UFO sightings throughout central Italy, but also the year in which mysterious luminous globes emerged from the Adriatic, terrorizing nearby fishermen and alarming the coast guard.