Have you heard of the Pope’s audience hall? Also known as Paul VI Audience Hall or Pontifical Audience Hall, it lies partly in Vatican City and partly in Rome, Italy. It is named after Pope Paul VI and built in 1971 by the Italian architect Pier Luigi Nervi, it has a capacity of 6,300 and contains a bronze statue called La Resurrezione, designed by Pericle Fazzini, inside.

All of this seems simple enough so far, but let’s get into what makes this building so strange. We will start with the least strange and become progressively stranger as we go.

Construction method and design

The building was designed with reinforced concrete by the well-known architect Pier Luigi Nervi. Nervi is known for its simple but practical projects, strong and made to last.

The simple curvature of the building may appear unpretentious from the outside, but this is a part of what we will begin to explore about this building, and I promise you that when we get to the end, you will see what I am getting to.


Take a look at the image below and compare its shape with the image of a snake next to it. Note the general shape – wide rear, narrow and rounded front, eyes in the center, nostril in the front and curved top.

As you can already see in the image above, there are two windows on both sides of the building that look like the eyes. They are made of colored glass and sit about half the length of the building on both sides.

In the center of the shape of the eye, you begin to see a slit that could resemble a reptilian eye. If you’re still not convinced, which is understandable, read on.

Maybe looking at a window alone isn’t the clearest, so let’s take a look at both of them together now.

Suddenly we start to see things take shape here – two reptilian eyes, which stare at you while you watch the stage.

Flakes and Fangs

Take a look again at the image above – what do you notice in the center? There is what looks like a statue in the middle and then on both sides, two pointed and pointed fangs. The roof and sides of the building are also similar to stairs.

Here are two more images to give you an idea of the stairs.

Now let’s combine a little more so that we can really see what we’re looking at. In the image below, you really pay attention to the entire building and the layout of the stage next to the image of a snake. The eyes, the shape, the scales, the tusks, the appearance and touch of the reptile … it’s all there.

The statue of the Resurrection

In the middle of the stage sits a statue of Christ rising from an atomic apocalypse. It was designed by Pericle Fazzini and implemented in 1977. Take a look below. Have you noticed anything on the head of Jesus?

It is difficult to see from the front, but when you look at the statue from the sides, where the customers sit, it becomes extraordinarily clear on both sides that the head of Jesus looks like a snake.

Think about it for a moment: if only one side of the statue had given the impression of a snake’s head, we could wipe it away as a coincidence, but when it looks like this from all angles, and the whole building also looks like a snake , it becomes much more difficult to ignore. One must begin to realize that this has been intentionally designed to look this way. The thought and planning that went into this should have been immense.

The reality is that there is an obvious reason for this image.

The Big Question You may be wondering what this reason is; why this building was built in such a way that the Pope seems to speak from the mouth of a reptile? If you are not asking this question, you are simply turning a blind eye. It’s not that the evidence isn’t there, it’s that you’re choosing not to see it. There are seven separate pieces which include the snake or reptile symbol. If it were one or two, I will understand your skepticism, even three. But when seven pieces come together so beautifully, so perfectly, you know beyond any shadow of doubt that it was intentional.

Regardless, I know that what I am saying may be difficult to accept, but all difficult truths go through the stages – laughter and ridicule, partial acceptance, and then eventually appear evident to the population. I believe we are approaching the third stage when it comes to understanding who really runs and influences our world, that’s why this snake symbolism exists here.

Research shows that there is a profound state that largely governs our world – a group of people who are not American, European, Russian, Canadian, etc., but beyond national identity and who control our entire world. . It has been said for a long time that there is also extraterrestrial influence. Not from all races of ET, but from one in particular, the reptilians. Not all reptilians are deserters of the heart, but a group, just like a group of humans, who worked to influence this planet.

I understand this sounds “out there”, but you really think about it. There is more evidence for ET reality than anyone could imagine. There is a lot of evidence for a Deep State that controls things. Is it possible that these two realities are connected? Again, I am not saying that all ETs or even all reptilians are “bad”, but rather that perhaps some are, and are working with our governments.

Even our government officials have stated that they are well aware of ETs, but have simply not told the public. As former Canadian Defense Minister Paul Hellyer revealed: “So they decided to do an investigation, and they investigated for three years, and decided that, with absolute certainty, four species, four different species, were visiting this planet. for thousands of years. “

ET’s knowledge governments are immense, and whistleblowers have revealed it many times, with plenty of documentation behind them. You can watch the Unacknowledged movie on Netflix to learn more.

The influence of reptiles on the profound state theory is not new and can be found in many traditions and cultures. But it was popularized by the work of David Icke who understandably received a lot of ridicule for it. Regardless, millions follow and believe in his work.

Why this symbolism is used During an event in California called Contact In The Desert, we interviewed David Wilcock, a longtime occult researcher. During the interview, he mentioned that the Elite think they have to pass on their intentions to humanity in order to obtain, in essence, permission from us to put them into practice. This manifests itself as rituals during mass sporting events and the symbolism found in society and in various popular sectors such as cinema and music.

When you start to consider what the Pope’s Audience Hall is really saying, it becomes clear that he is speaking from the snake’s mouth. He stands in front of his mouth and pronounces the words of the Elite to all who listen. The Elite are telling humanity through symbolism that this is what is happening.

It has been said and proposed by many researchers that Christianity, among other religions, is used to control the masses. While religious stories may contain some truth and convey useful messages, their general purpose is to lead people in a relationship with a spirit that is devoid of power. The guilt, judgment and anger that exist in religions are designed to control us, to take away our power. We must also realize that these religions are impure and that for a while we have turned a blind eye to this. Look at what happened with the coverage of scandals related to child abuse in the Vatican, for example.

In the end, I’m not asking you to believe everything that’s said here, but I’m not even suggesting that you can laugh. There are facts that can be explored, but one must go through research. There is clearly something very intentional going on here and one does not spend many millions on designing and building a very obvious snake inside Vatican-owned buildings. for no reason. Do your research on the subject of reptilians, Elite bloodlines and what symbolism like this means, see how you feel. Let your mind be open to connect the dots instead of being closed and hurry up for something that doesn’t look like “everyday life”.