The mystery of the Taured man

Are there parallel universes? Does the “string theory” formulated by the well-known theoretical physicist Michio Kaku say that parallel universes exist? The story I want to tell you has something incredible not only because it is very particular, but because it is supported by an important nation like Japan.
It was in fact a torrid summer of 1954 and, at Tokyo airport, like every day, a flight arrived from Europe, and nothing strange about this. A man was traveling on board the flight and from how he was dressed it was clear that he was a businessman who when he arrived at customs said he was there for work.
When the airport staff checked the documents, he looked at him perplexed on the man’s passport saying “Tuared Passport”. Customs officers asked the man what it meant; he naturally replied that it was simply his country of origin and that his job was precisely to travel and conclude business abroad. He added that it was the third time he had come to Japan and he had never had any problems, even claiming that if his passport had some problems he could not have embarked on departure, reasoning was right, but the airport staff could not understand where Tuared was and what country he was; Japan, which had been out of the war for just 9 years, was therefore very attentive to its relationship with foreigners, and the customs officials were therefore very kind asking for further information and documents from the man. These documents all seemed regular and the man also showed banknotes from other countries to demonstrate his travels. It was all confirmed: actually the man was a traveler, the various passport stamps also confirmed it, so how to explain this matter? They sent to check the passport and it was not a fake but it was authentic so they kindly made the man sit in a special office and, showing him a map, politely asked him to indicate where Tuared was. He looking at the map was amazed and amazed not seeing his country and indicated a territorial area between France and Spain, stating that his country had existed for over 1000 years, so the customs officers look even more perplexed asking for further explanations; so they called the office where the man said to work first: the office actually existed, but they had no employee with the man’s name. They also called the people the man had to do business with, but they also said they didn’t know him. As the last beach, they also called the hotel where the man had declared he had to stay, but there were no reservations in the hotel on behalf of the man. Nobody understood what was going on including Toured’s man.
The man was then accompanied to a facility and told that he would have to stay in a room until all this matter was resolved; they placed two columns in front of the bedroom door, so that if he came out they would notice. The following morning they knocked on the door but no one answered, and eventually they enter the room but there was no trace of the man. He could not have come out of the window because if he did he would have died instantly: he was in fact on a very high floor. Furthermore, the columns declared that they had not heard any particular noise and that surely he had not passed through that door: he had disappeared into thin air together with his things.