The mystery of RH negative blood

Darwin’s law states that human beings are descended from monkeys, but the red blood cells of the latter are all characterized by a factor called Rh-positive.

The Rhesus factor is due to an antigenic determinant that is found on the surface of erythrocytes, and is present in 85% of the human population.
It is inherited from their parents, and being a hereditary should therefore be transmitted according to the rules of genetics.
If your blood has this factor, the positive Rh group belongs if it does not belong to the negative RH group.
A negative RH mother can not give birth to a baby Rh positive: the maternal immune system, in fact, would kill the baby considering it literally alien.
The Rhesus factor takes its name from a particular monkey, which would seem to have a common ancestor with man, but its blood is all Rh positive and then human negative RH, if not from monkeys, where does it come from?
An ex-secret agent named William Milton Cooper could have answered this question, had he not been killed in front of his house on the night of November 5, 2001, in a mysterious gunfight with the US police.
Cooper had claimed on the radio and on the Internet that for years there was cooperation between an alien civilization and the US government, the extraterrestrial delegation, demonstrating its peaceful intent, had left an alien called Krill at the disposal of scientists to respond to all their questions.
When Krill died, more aliens landed.
The code name given to visitors by the secret services and was ALF acronym for “Alien Life Form”.
From the information acquired was written a dossier called the yellow book code or the yellow book.
The homo sapiens would have been created by the aliens and the proof is the negative Rh factor; even religions would be of alien origin with the aim of rapidly civilizing humans and being able to control them better.