Project Monarch: The project of psychic conditioning and control of people

Thanks to the commendable work done by the information services, all, or almost all, will be by now aware of the existence of the graceful butterfly shown by the elegant Belen Rodriguez during the Sanremo Festival of 2012. Too bad that similar attention has not been paid instead from the mass media to another type of butterfly, of your greatest interest, which is not a tattoo, but the symbol of a mental conditioning program called “Monarch”, the existence of which has been publicly denounced by an Italian magistrate: for the Doctor Paolo Ferraro (this is his name) the psychic conditioning activities would start secretly, exploiting in some cases even associations of psychological support for the military. Suspecting that someone close to him was in serious danger, he left a notebook with a media recorder on in his apartment. From the recording he learned that a group of men and women had entered that house using the keys to the apartment, and through a particular voice command had induced the tenant to do whatever they wanted. He came to the conclusion that it was a form of mind control used in the Monarch project, a continuation of the research of the “MK ultra” project conducted by the CIA on human guinea pigs from 1953 to 1970, in turn based on the documentation of all the Nazi research carried out by the 1927 to 1941 under the guidance of the directives and command of the SS officer Himmler, Hitler’s esoteric arm. The purpose of the project, originally, was to create ideal secret agents who would activate themselves on the basis of voice commands and who, once the mission was finished, would remember nothing of the actions committed or the information learned, returning to their normal banal life and unsuspected. The problem is that these techniques would become a business: the sale of voice commands to take control of people programmed without their knowledge to then use at will for any type of activity (sex, drug dealing, prostitution, occult rites, pedophilia, murders, espionage, snuffing or films where the victim is actually killed). In fact, these are real human or slave weapons. They are people prone to personality sessions who for example have been abused in childhood, who take even mild drugs, which are emotionally unstable, because once the victim is selected they kidnap her and periodically subject her to painful experiences, so as to leave them permanent traumas, during which they psychically condition her to respond to certain vocal commands. At the end of the sessions, all memories are removed and the final result will be a second personality who executes any order for which it has been programmed. Returning to the case of the magistrate Paolo Ferraro, on the basis of what he has publicly declared, his complaint was not followed up; on the other hand, he was temporarily suspended from office on the grounds of health reasons. It is said that the judiciary never carries out any type of activity whenever investigations can touch particularly strong powers, which are reflected in economic, political and military strategies. The only defense of the human being, in light of these facts, is that it is the populations themselves who are morally aware of the problems with which they are afflicted, bearing in mind that a system of power, however untouchable, is made up of people and if people improve it improves The system and true improvement always starts from itself. Esoterically the butterfly symbolizes the soul, opening your eyes without prejudice as Paolo did is an excellent start.