Coronavirus: Covid 19

They tell us they are all conspiracy theories despite the alarm, because there has been a worldwide alarm that there have been 13,000 more infections than sars. Despite the alarm, the cures are beginning to be produced and probably no more will be heard of in a few months.
It is curious to see how much media mess has been created: even the world health organization is looking for fake news, which in itself would not be wrong, since some news can be dangerous: the human being is so intelligent that if he reads on Facebook that coronavirus is prevented by eating chalk then it does.
When multiple sources who do not know each other and who have no relationship declare the same things there is a very high probability that it is the truth … We have seen Anonymous’s statements over and over again … Now, apart from the fact that video has disappeared from the channel, we have understood very well what he wanted to communicate to us: that is, that in the city of Whan there was a bio-laboratory, that’s where it all started. Whether it started with animals or not, the quirks there are many questions to ask. The presence of the laboratory right there cannot be a coincidence.

Read this article of the “Il fatto quotidiano“, an italian newspaper….
You can already see how in the article they discredit the newspaper to which this Dany Shoham made the statements: they do not focus attention on the importance of the witness or on the authoritativeness of the witness, but goes to discredit the above words only because it is the Washington Times and it’s not Washington Post.

Is it unlikely that a pathogen will leave a BSL-4 laboratory and then the news that China secretly has projects dedicated to the development and research of viruses or chemical and bacteriological weapons seems so impossible to you?
Here is the detailed list of states that have proliferation of active chemical weapons and in the third item we find China: in detail it is written that “According to the testimony of the Secretary of State for Intelligence and Research Carl W. Ford before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, China is very likely to have an advanced chemical warfare program, which includes research and development, production and armament capabilities. In addition, there is considerable concern on the part of the United States regarding contact with China and the sharing of expertise on chemical weapons with other states of concern for proliferation, including Syria and Iran. The Chinese government said it had owned a small arsenal of chemical weapons in the past, but destroyed it before ratifying the convention. “

Also look at this link: it is from 22 February 2017 and not yesterday. If you read the article you will notice that it says: “A Whuan laboratory is about to be authorized to work with the world’s most dangerous pathogens. The move is part of a plan to build between 5 and 7 level biosecurity laboratories. BSL-4 by 2025 “. The article continues and is written below: “Some scientists outside China worry about the escape of pathogens and the addition of a biological dimension to the geopolitical tensions between China and other nations, but Chinese microbiologists are celebrating their entry into the elite quadrodi enabled to struggle with the greatest biological threats in the world “. These are the same things that anonymous said in the release!

Dany Shoham is not the last of the idiots to have dealt with HIV and bird flu and since I made his statements about the coronavirus he has been heavily discredited.
While I was doing Google searches (look at the link) I found written that some results have been removed under the European protection law… ..

In this article by Repubblica (an italian newspaper), the alleged rumors inherent to coronavirus by Dany Shoham are denied, even here it is thought only of leverage which is written on the Washington Time which is considered unreliable as it is linked to the leader of the religious movement of the church of the unification born in South Korea in 1954: another two lines to try to discredit the newspaper!

So according to this article a former Mossad officer expert in bacteriological weapons would have only suggested a possible link to the Chinese biological warfare program ……
In the 1960s, conspiracy theories were also those related to MK ultra, however now, in 2020, if we go to the CIA website and find declassified files where it is written that they implanted probes in the brains of aware citizens.”