The Mystery of Aleshenka

It is a hot summer that invests Russia in 1996 and the small village of Kaolinovy near Kystym is not spared from the heat.

Tamara Vasilievna Prosvirina is an elderly pensioner with mild psychiatric disorders who has the strange habit of decorating her house with flowers picked from the cemetery at night.
On the evening of August 13 Tamara is going as her usual habit to the cemetery, when she comes across something totally unexpected. While he is going through the woods he hears strange moans coming from behind a tree, he initially thinks of some animal lamentation, but as he approaches the source of the noise, he realizes that this was more like a cry of a child , and what he sees could not be absolutely true: at the foot of the tree there is what seems to be a child still alive but that has little child.
Tamara immediately turns him in his shawl and takes him home to his apartment.
He also gives him a name: Aleshenka and begins to treat him as if he were his son; the day after Tamara’s daughter-in-law who is called as the old woman goes to visit her mother-in-law, after the elderly mother-in-law had called her and said she had had a baby.
When Tamara Junior arrives home from her mother-in-law you can not believe what she sees: in the bedroom a creature is wrapped in a shawl lying in the bed and that she herself describes, later, as something not appertentive to this planet.
Aleshenka’s appearance was terribly disturbing: the skin was a grayish color, the head much larger than the rest of the body and the shape reminded that of an onion, the eyes were very large and almond and beneath them a small hole from which the circulation seemed to breathe.
However, what made the most impression was how the creature ate: no one ever saw his mouth move, it was as if he sucked the food from the hole he had; according to Tamara Junior, the creature did not eat: it literally consumed the food.

Starting from this point, the story is tinged with many facets so many different versions of the facts.

A few days after the discovery of the creature, it was reported that Tamara was ill and had been admitted to a psychiatric hospital, others say that was a neighbor to call the local hospital after seeing the old woman raving again while saying that she had had a baby.
Obviously no one believed her because of her well-known psychiatric disorders in the neighborhood; mentally ill or not it is not clear how Tamara ended up in the hospital, but what is certain is that Aleshenka was left alone in the woman’s home without anyone taking better care of him.
During the whole period that Tamara went to the hospital she tried to alert the medical staff that her child was home alone, but obviously no one believed her and was ignored.
The curious ones, tried to peek from the window of the house, only claimed to see a cat wrapped in some rags.
The only people who had seen Aleshenka live were, besides Tamara, her daughter-in-law and her acquaintance Vladimir Nurdinov, who was known to the police for having committed minor crimes.
We do not know why Nurdinov used to visit Tamara, the fact is that when the man and Tamara Junior were informed that Tamara had been admitted they immediately went to the old woman’s house, but unfortunately it was late ….
Unfortunately, once they entered the bedroom they saw the creature now devoid of life, probably dead of hardship; his dried mummy lay on the bed.
Not knowing what to do Nurdinov took Aleshenka’s mummified body with him and took him to his house.
There he called Vladimir Bendlin, a local policeman who immediately hypothesized that those were the mummified remains of a child and took them to Dr. Irina Iarmoleva for analysis; he stated that it was not a hoax as it was a real mummified body once alive, his conclusions were that it was a deformed premature baby probably caused by the radiation of the Kystym accident.
However Lyubov Romanova, an assistant of the doctor who has been in contact with many children suffering from radiation deformations, said she had never seen anything like this, that the creature could not be of human origin; there were too many differences with the anatomy of a normal child: at least 20 and the most important were the head that consisted of four bones that closed between them with very accentuated edges, completely different from that of a normal human being, without to count that he had no sexual apparatus and he also lacked the navel, which all mammals have.
The bizarre story of Aleshenka began to spread like wildfire, and the media began to take an interest in each other by visiting the small Russian village.
After the media came many expert UFO enthusiasts and aliens spent other days and still had not been done any DNA tests on the creature, so it was that the famous Russian ufologist Boris Zolotov intervened, unfortunately also known to be a charlatan, ready to perform DNA testing.
Bendlin gave the creature the helpers of Zolotov, but soon regretted this gesture.
The policeman thought he had the result within a few weeks but the months went by without anyone knowing anything about Boris Zolotov until he was tracked down by Russian TV journalists.
At that point Zolotov gave an absurd explanation to say the least: he stated that one of his assistants, while he was driving towards the laboratory with the body for analysis, saw lights flashing in the sky and then a flying disc blocked the road shortly thereafter.
The bizarre tale went on to say that the occupants of the unidentified vehicle turned the creature back and then went away disappearing on the horizon.
A story absurd, so absurd that many theorized that Zolotov would be forced to deliver the remains of Aleshenka not to aliens but to the Russian secret services, as claimed by anonymous sources.
Others claimed that Zolotov would sell Aleshenka’s body abroad to a private profit-making buyer.
However, whatever happened, the remains of Aleshenka were never seen by anyone again.
A turn on the probable true identity of the creature occurred a few days later when an unknown woman said she came into possession of the blanket that wrapped Aleshenka, the woman gave the blanket to Bendlin asking to do a DNA test on it, and above all making sure that the analyzes were carried out by competent people.
Tamara Junior confirmed that this was really the blanket used to wrap Aleshenka.
The results of the DNA showed something incredible: traces of human DNA (presumably those of Tamara) and traces of a strain unknown to science were found, but despite this result the official explanation states that Aleshenka was nothing but a body of a premature baby of about twenty weeks with serious malformations, an explanation all in all credible, if it were not for the fact that children born so prematurely can not survive naturally for more than a couple of hours after birth, Tamara instead would take care of for several Aleshenka days.
Furthermore, the only two people who saw Aleshenka over the elderly woman, Tamara Junior and Nurdinov, claimed that the creature had nothing human.
To feed this already unusual story of mystery was finally a fact that happened one night to the elderly Tamara: the woman was wandering naked in the street with only a pair of socks on her feet, the people who saw her tried to put her to safety but it was too late, because a vehicle came at full speed that hit Tamara killing him instantly.
The vehicle did not stop and the culprit was never found; eyewitnesses who witnessed the terrible scene claimed that the woman seemed to be reacting to someone who called her.
Curiously all this happened a few days before Tamarra was subjected to regressive hypnosis by Mark Milkhimer an expert in this field, but the oddities do not end here: Mark Milkhimer, who enjoyed excellent health, died shortly after coming to Kystym due to a sudden heart attack.