Homo of Denisova

In the caves of Maludong in China, fossil skeletons were discovered in 1989, but only recently did the analyzes seem to show that no known humanoid species belonged.

The remains date back to the Stone Age; the Red Deer people lived in a period between 14500 and 11500 years ago, when China was just discovering agriculture.
The analysis of the skull and teeth surprised scientists because they simultaneously possess both the physical characteristics of modern and primitive man, and of an unknown race …
The new research now aims to find out if it is a human species native to China and survived the last glaciation occurred about 11 years ago, or if it came from Africa.
In this case it would be a migration so far unknown to scholars and happened for reasons completely unknown.
In fact, the Southwest area of China, the Queen of Tibet is famous for scientists both for its cultural variety and for its biodiversity.
But that’s not all: in the last decade a hominid who was about a million years ago also completely unknown was discovered.
His DNA is completely different from the Neanderthal man and from the Sapiens, called “donna x” or denizan homo; the researchers are trying to trace back to its origins apparently the history of man is quite different from how it was told until today and the Darwinian theory of evolution should be reexamined ….