The Ouija table and three terrifying news stories related to it ...

The worlds of esotericism and spiritualism are somewhat mystical and mysterious, one could believe or not what they represent, but certainly can not be ignored; especially when shocking news events happen, linked precisely to these worlds.

What do you think could ever make a simple wooden board engraved with the alphabet above?

If you think it’s harmless then maybe you do not know The evil game of the Ouija.

Ouija is more than a simple tablet: it is a real ritual, through which one can get in touch with paranormal entities.

It is used by all occultists to communicate with the dead, the ghosts, and even with the demons.

The tablet was invented in 1901 by Elijah J. Bond, who declared that the meaning of the word Ouija means misfortune.

The occultist Mamly P. Hall, founder of the philosophical Research Society, considered one of the main figures related to the occult of the twentieth century, in an interview stated that “I had considerable personal experiences with people who have complicated their lives through games with the Ouija tablet. Out of 100 cases at least 95 tell of bad experiences, I know of broken, estranged families, even of suicides that can be traced back to this source ”


Here are three really happened cases.


The first of three cases dealing with Ouija is the case of Jennifer Lynn Springman.

Jennifer is a 14-year-old girl who lives in the US state of Illinois, and has always been an easily emotional girl fascinated by ghost stories, like most of her peers.

So out of curiosity in December 1972 together with a classmate begins a session of Ouija at his house.

Initially at the table are the classic questions, such as “who will be my future boyfriend”, “I will marry”, but then Jennifer’s friend decides to raise the stakes and asks at what age will die Jennifer: a question not to never do an Ouija tablet.

The two friends see the pointer move first on 1 and then on 8; the two laugh at the answer and since the curiosity and the adrenaline were too strong Jennifer hesitantly asks how she will die; a shiver runs through Jennifer’s back when he sees the word “assassination” appear.

The two, at the answer, immediately stop playing and conclude the Ouija session.

The matter was forgotten and remained only as a simple stunt and a little fright, nothing more, but the horror made its appearance in 1976, two weeks before Jennifer’s eighteenth birthday, when she was brutally strangled by a stranger as she returned to home, the case has never been solved.


The second case is that of West Richland.

41-year-old Ellen Schalchlin and her 13-year-old daughter Elisabeth were brutally stabbed at home a few days before Christmas.

A double o.icidio that shook the small town of West Richland.

The sheriff’s men arrested the victim’s son, 15-year-old Don Schalchlin, the accomplice of the crime along with a 16-year-old friend of his: Joshua Tucker, both accused of the stabbing.

Tucker said that they were in the Schalchlin’s house that day and together with Don he started a session of Ouija, but something went wrong because, among the many questions asked the tablet, Don jokingly asked “Joshua will become a serial killer?” And the tablet answered “Yup”.

A few minutes later Joshua started to say strange things and seemed to speak for himself.

During the investigation, Joshua himself said he was talking to Satan. The horror began when Tucker left the room and headed for the kitchen. He took a long, sharp knife and attacked Elizabeth, who was talking to her friend in the bedroom at the time.

Then the two boys dragged the girl’s body behind a temporary wall and tried to clean the blood.

Later when the mother entered the room looking for her daughter was also attacked and stabbed by Joshua, about 90 times, on the upper body.

Don, panicked, called 911 but being threatened by Joshua immediately put the phone down.

The two were then found by the sheriff’s men in the car covered in blood.

When Ellen was found the police were still breathing but she died on the way to the hospital, for her daughter Elisabeth it can be said that she died a few minutes after the stabbing.

The Ouija tablet was found at home.


The third case is that of Estefania Gutierrez Lazaro.

This story is the most atrocious of which there is documentation, not so much for its cruelty, but for the evil entity with which the young girl with her family was faced.

It all started in 1990 we are in Vallecas in Spain, Estefania is an 18-year-old student who recently lost her boyfriend in a motorcycle accident, and she never managed to overcome this loss altogether.

One day, together with one of her school friends, in an empty classroom she decides to communicate with her late boy through the Ouija board.

They are discovered by the teacher who abruptly breaks the session, which they never do, they hunt them both out of the classroom and break the table.

From that moment an endless series of rather disturbing and bizarre events began to occur.

Estefania in fact began to have strong convulsions and altered states of consciousness, during which he believed he saw a group of tall, threadlike, ravenous, and long fingers moving in the darkness of his room.

She even heard their voices calling her by name saying “come to us”.

The family also confirmed that they heard distinctly suspicious noises: scraps of feet in the middle of the night and strange sounds at any time of the day.

They also confessed that the air in the house had become very heavy, and they had the sensation of being watched by the cracks in the doors and they almost seemed to see someone moving in the darkness.

During the following six months, Estefania was visited several health centers, but no doctor was able to make a precise diagnosis of the disease that afflicted it.

Unfortunately, this young girl, now physically worn out and mentally enter a state of coma, and was admitted by the hospital to say Gregorio Maranon on August 14, 1991, where shortly thereafter there died some rather strange circumstances.

The scariest part of this story begins with the death of the girl, as in the house of Estefania the Gutierrez family began to suffer on their skin a real horror movie nightmare.

The whole house seems possessed, the doors opened and closed, the crucifixes were severed from the walls, voices were heard in the night,

The presences and the shadows become more and more intrusive and threatening: sometimes the family of Estefania woke up with the scratched walls and the furniture moved, but not a few centimeters but meters.

One night in particular such phenomena were so violent that the Gutierrez decided to call the police.

At about 2:30 am the whole family was out of the house, in the middle of the street, waiting for the police.

When the policemen entered the house were overwhelmed by a series of paranormal events all well documented, in detail, in the report done in the barracks: the temperature of the house was very low, the environment was freezing blood, the police men saw crucifixes rotate, paintings moving, obvious signs of scratches on the walls, but above all, a dark presence in the corridor very high.

The policemen could not stay for even a minute inside the house, they came out terrified by this vision.

Finally, the event that really shook the family of Estefania was what they saw one morning: one of the photos of Estefania, which was in the room, had been thrown to the ground and the inside had been burned.

La Ouija is not a simple game and I advise you to stay as far as possible since the consequences of its use could be dramatic.


A final curiosity: the production rights of this table have been acquired by Hasbro, the well-known Colossus that produces toys for children …. crazy … ..